The Friends of Timberline Archives preserves original documents, objects, and photographs from the construction, furnishing, and operation of the Lodge. In addition, the organization records for Friends of Timberline are housed in the archives. Through this link researchers can access a small representative sample of historic photos in the archives. The photo collection includes photos of the construction and dedication ( 1935-1938) donated to Friends of Timberline, public relations photos from the date the Lodge opened until it was closed for World War II (1938 -1942), from the early days of the R.L.K. and Company operations (1955 to about 1960), and photos of Friends of Timberline activities from 1975 to the present. Images continue to be uploaded regularly.

FOT usually publishes newsletters twice during the year. This is the most recent issue. Older issues are found on the Archived Newsletters page. Click button below.