Winter Entrance

Winter Entrance Competition (2003-2004) sought to find a modern replacement for the time tested “Quonset Hut” utilitarian look of the 1950s. An intense international design competition with public viewing of the top entries yielded a seemingly timeless choice, one that is almost perfect in its simplicity.

Resembling a new fallen snow drift, or perhaps an inhabited snow cave or igloo, especially when lit at night, a suggestion of intrigue and wonder makes for conversation.   

Winter Entrance Project Fundraising and Construction (2004 – 2009) 

Serious fundraising and grant writing plus corporate and individual donor appeals ($636,425 in donations and $154,988 in-kind) paved the way for activity. Necessary reconstruction of the Lodge front steps and landing (to make a solid foundation) proved to be more work than first thought. 

Designed to withstand snow loads of 720 pounds per square foot, this elegant and seemingly weightless structure inspired a coalition of carefully selected contractors, subcontractors and suppliers to install the finished product by October 2009. 

2009 FOT President and Volunteer of the Year Joachim Grube’s unwavering commitment made the Winter Entrance project a reality.